The Huntsville area is home to a wide variety of craft breweries and craft beer stores such as Rocket Republic Brewing, Blue Pants Brewery, Old Black Bear Brewery, and Wish You Were Beer.

In addition to these options, we're excited to announce the new Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail which includes 6 breweries and 4 craft beer stores.  Along the Trail, you can enjoy breweries like Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer, Mad Malts, Salty Nut, Below the Radar , Green Bus Brewing as well as craft beer stores including Old Town Beer Exchange, LE Craft Beer Store, Wish You Were Beer,  and Church Street Wine Shoppe (plus craft beer).

We invite you to visit Downtown Huntsville and enjoy one of the Southeast's only Urban Craft Beer Trails.

For more on the local craft beer scene, check out the Huntsville Craft Beer Guide from Paste Magaine.